Put your courier company to the test

The main component that decides whether a business partnership is successful or unsuccessful is trust. It’s crucial when choosing a delivery partner.

You have a better chance of getting paid on time if your deliveries arrive on time, undamaged, and by a pleasant driver. Any type of inquiry can be used as justification for delaying payment, and late deliveries might even jeopardize your reputation.

So, to test your potential collaboration, here are some questions we think you should ask if you’re looking for a new courier:

Will your new delivery service offer:

An astute account manager who will establish tight ties with you in order to learn about your demands, regular routes, particular needs for particular clients, and the desired size of vehicles you require.
A prompt acknowledgment of your request that lets you know the job has been completed? A prompt POD that allows you to relax knowing the products have arrived, have been signed for, and are with the correct person. assurance that a responsible party will sign for the products and that they will be delivered to the designated recipient rather than being merely left behind a desk in reception?

When a delivery attempt fails—possibly because no one is present at the intended location, everyone has left, or the recipients refuse to accept the goods—is there a call that should be made?
Advice on properly wrapping fragile items before moving them, using extra foam and strapping to prevent sliding during the journey?
Should we give you a call if our car is delayed because of construction on the road, an accident, or bad weather?
When making deliveries to your clients’ locations, do your drivers have the necessary training and professionalism to represent your business well?
a fleet of vehicles that have been well-maintained to assure exceptional roadworthiness, dependability, and safety?

Some couriers may struggle to answer all of these questions to your satisfaction. At Courier Direct, we welcome such scrutiny, so we can reassure you of our credentials and reliability as your chosen courier.

Why not call us on 01902 246 044 to put us to the test, we’d welcome your call and the opportunity to provide you with excellent customer service.

Expect more from your courier – call us today.

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