Don’t employ your own driver until you’ve read this

If you’re considering hiring your own driver, your company must have a need for a consistent, dependable delivery provider. But is hiring a person full-time the best course of action?

In fact, the costs add up quickly when you include the expense of hiring more employees, their salaries, and vacation time, as well as the cost of purchasing and maintaining a vehicle for transportation.

What happens when the van needs maintenance? Even worse, if you’re in an accident and your car is temporarily off the road, you’ll still be responsible for paying for your driver as well as maybe the expense of a rental car.

But you’ll have a van of your own on the road with your livery, promoting your business everywhere.

With an outsourced courier, there are no compromises

Why not hire a courier service with a fleet of cars sporting interchangeable corporate liveries to handle your deliveries? It’s simple to drive a car that seems like it belongs to your business.
You won’t have to worry about employment costs, holiday coverage, or if your driver gets sick because the courier service will take care of those things, allowing you to receive a continuous service without delays. Depending on your requirements, you can select from a variety of truck sizes to ensure that your items are delivered as quickly as possible.
Additionally, if you choose, drivers would be pleased to wear your uniform while on the job.

Even though we offer a 24/7 service, in our experience we can save our clients up to 20% compared to the expense of hiring their own driver. There is hence a strong economic case for outsourcing deliveries.

What about dependability, though? With a fixed delivery contract, nobody wants to let you down, and with a fleet of cars and a team of drivers to choose from, there’s little chance that service will be interrupted by unanticipated events.

So, if you want the attention that comes with driving your own van, you can have it all without the hassles.

Ask us about our committed corporate service; it has helped others and might help you as well.

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